Automatic Sliding Gate

Safety and practicality start from the entrance of a building: entrances for industrial and commercial sites can be automated. From the unobtrusive underground actuators which allow the gate to be operated without affecting its style or look, to the more elaborate actuators, which superbly satisfy any requirement and can be used on modern or classical frames, to gate automation, designed for very heavy duty applications, ideal for security.

Sliding gates are the perfect solution to add metal or wooden automatic gates to your property where there is limited space either side of the gates or uneven, sloping ground. Sliding gates are also more secure than swing gates as they provide more resistance to forced entry.

Hydraulic Barrier

Road Blockers and Barriers are very key component of your security plan, especially to prevent forced and unauthorized entry. Ordinary barriers are manual and operated by security personals; they do not have the capacity to sustain high impact crashes.

Mistiqube offers a variety of Barriers, Anti– Terrorists barriers, Crash rated Barriers, Parking barriers and Shallow Mount Road Blockers, Surface Mount Road Blockers, Delta Blockers, K-4 Level Road Blockers, K-8 Level Road Blockers, K-12 Level Road Blockers that are both manual and automatic. These solutions are specially designed to maximize the premises security by preventing forced and unauthorized entry.